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銀邊生菜 (Silver Leaf Lettuce)

新品種 New Species

羽衣甘藍 (Kale)

羽衣甘藍 ,源自黑海和地中海之間的地區和東邊的地中海。羽衣甘藍品種繁多,有綠色捲葉 (最常見)、紅色捲葉、黑捲心菜 (恐龍)、平葉、羽狀葉等。普遍來說,羽衣甘藍味道偏苦,纖維較粗,但營養價值十分高,含有極高的維生素。羽衣甘藍多用於沙律、蔬果汁和快炒。

Kale originated in the eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor. There are many varieties of kale: for example, green curly kale, red curly kale, nero black kale, hungry gap kale, red russian kale, etc. In general, it has a slightly bitter taste, with high dietary fiber, while it is nutrient rich: for example, high in vitamins. Kale is good for salad, juice and pan-fried.

芝麻菜 Arugula Lettuce


Arugula lettuce, also known as rocket lettuce (in the UK), originated in Europe and Central Asia. Its leaf shape is like a feather with a fresh green color. It first tastes with strong sesame flavor, then followed by a slightly bitter taste. It appears to be high in antioxidants which support the immune system. It can be eaten raw, but also used in making pizza and pasta.

芥末生菜 Mustard Lettuce

芥末生菜, 日本菜也。裂狀葉,色綠,味辛辣嗆口,含有鎂、鈣等。廣泛用於生魚片、壽司等料理中。炒食也可,口感鮮嫩,但嗆辣味會減少。

Mustard lettuce (scientific name: brassica juncea 'wasabina'), whose leaves are green and fur-like, tastes spicy, while containing rich magnesium, calcium. It is widely used in sushi and Japanese cuisine. After being fried, it will become tender, but lose its spicy flavor.

(紅)羅馬生菜 (Red) Romaine Lettuce 


Romaine lettuce originated in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. With a light emerald green color, or a purple-red color, it has a wide leaf shape, and is crunchy and juicy. It tastes sweet and fresh, with a slightly bitter after taste. It contains rich deity fiber, vitamin C and minerals, and is most suitable for salads, especially Caesar salads.

(紅色)小松菜 (Red) Kosmatsuna


Kosmatsuna,  also known as Japanese mustard spinach, originated in Tokyo, Japan. Its leaf shape is round, with a dark green or purple-red color. While having a bitter-sweet flavor, it contains rich vitamin C, β-carotene and minerals. Besides being eaten raw, it can also be pickled, fried, blanched, or made into juice.


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