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K-Farm, Belcher Bay Promenade

60分鐘種回家(有機土耕) 60-Minute Farm & Take (Organic Farming)

60分鐘種回家(有機土耕)  60-Minute Farm & Take (Organic Farming)
60分鐘種回家(有機土耕)  60-Minute Farm & Take (Organic Farming)


2024年1月27日 上午11:00 – 下午12:00

K-Farm, Belcher Bay Promenade, 香港堅尼地城



  • 在導師的指導下,學習種植一種農作物
  • 一邊體驗,一邊了解種植和日後照顧的要點
  • 善用餘暇,放鬆身心,體驗都市農耕的樂趣
  • 適合沒有種植經驗、生活繁忙的都市人
  • 基本種植知識包括播種、分株、澆水、修剪等
  • 自選一種農作物:蔬菜、香草、瓜果
  • 提供花盆、種子、苗、有機泥及有機肥



收費:成人 $120 (送有機泥、肥料、花盆、種子/苗);兒童 $40 (4名以上成人可組班 )

報名及繳費:請填寫報名表,並於活動至少一天前以轉數快(160003901)、銀行轉帳(集友銀行03973620044400 Rough C Limited)或親臨堅農圃辨公室繳交費用。繳費前請仔細核對資料,繳費後請把付款證明Whatsapp。



  • Learn how to grow selected crops under the instruction of tutor
  • Make good use of 60 minutes in weekend to learn and experience farming
  • Relax and get close to the nature
  • For busy urbanite without any farming experience
  • Basic planting knowledge including sowing, branching, watering, pruning, etc.
  • One crop of your choice: vegetables, herbs, melons
  • Provide flower pots, seeds, seedlings, organic soil and organic fertilizer

Charge: Adult $120 (Free organic soil, fertiliser, pot and seeds/seedlings); Child $40 (Min. 4 adults )

Enrolmnet: Please settle your payment before the event date via FPS (160003901), bank transfer (Chiyu Bank 03973620044400 Rough C Limited), or payment by cash at our office. Please check the payment information carefully before settling payment. 

Note: Any unpaid application will be regarded as a waiver of the quota. After finishing the payment, please send the proof to us via Whatsapp: In case of inadequate number of enrolment, we will inform you via Whatsapp or call.


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