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周日農耕樂 Farming on Sunday

日期及時間:逢星期日 上午10:00 – 下午2:00 (共四節,每節一小時)

地點:堅農圃 - 堅尼地城卑路乍灣海濱長廊




Date and time:  Every Sunday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm (4 sessions, 1 hour per session)  

Venue:  K-FARM - Belcher Bay Promenade, Kennedy Town
Fee:  Free of Charge
Application:  Online Pre-Registration

Workshop Description:  This farming experience workshop allows participants to have a taste of urban farming at the beautiful promenade of Kennedy Town on Sunday. Up to 12 participants. First come, first serve.



1. 專享「堅農圃」迎新禮物,包括精美「堅農圃」電話座及有機菜券,數量有限,送完即止。

2. 優先參加「堅農圃」定期舉辦的導賞團、耕種課程及工作坊等。

3. 以優惠價參加指定收費活動及購買指定產品



Members' Privilege

Sign in as our member can save your time in repeatedly filling enrollment form and can enjoy our members' privilege:

1. Welcoming gifts including ‘K-Farm’ mobile stand and vegetables coupon. Available on a first come first served basis.

2. Be the first to join our regular programs such as tours, farming classes and workshops.

3. Enjoy special discount for designated events and products.

Sign in as member now



  • 請穿着適合戶外耕種衣物

  • 自備水及乾糧

  • 請留意天氣,並自備雨具和防曬用具


Notes to Participants

  • Please wear clothing for outdoor farming

  • Please bring your own water and snacks

  • Be aware of weather conditions




  • 現場須量度體溫及戴上口罩

  • 每節參加者將分為 4 至 5 組,每組不多於 3 人,導師會分別指導

  • 實際聚集人數不多於限聚令要求

Special Arrangement during coronavirus epidemic

  • Participants will form groups no more than 3 and be instructed separately

  • Temperature screening and mask wearing compulsory

  • Total number of participants will follow the latest group gathering regulation (Cap. 599) 





Absence Arrangement

Owing to the limited quota, participants should inform us of absence as soon as possible to allow us to invite others to join. Lower priority for a certain period will be given to those who absent without prior notice.



如因天氣或未能預知因素導致活動改期或取消,我們在活動當日上午八時在網頁及 Faceboook 張貼最新通知。


Cancellation and Postponement

In case of cancellation or postponement due to adverse weather or unexpected issues, announcement will be posted on website and Facebook at 8:00 a.m. on the event day. 



電話:3611 0927

WhatsApp:6466 1519


Contact and Enquiries

Phone:  3611 0927
WhatsApp:  6466 1519



本活動期間,參加者有機會被堅農圃員工、攝影師、其他參加者或場內人士拍攝。由堅農圃所拍攝的資料,包括但不限於相片/錄像/頭像可能用於發放堅農圃訊息及推廣用途 (如: 堅農圃通訊、活動、問卷調查及任何其他相關工作)。



Activity Disclaimer

During this activity, participants may be photographed by K-FARM staffs, photographers, other participants or visitors on site. The information photographed by K-FARM, including but not limited to photos/ videos/ portrait may be used in K-FARM latest updates and promotion (For example:  K-FARM updates, activities, questionnaires and any other related works).

Each participant of this activity shall agree to be photographed during the activity. Submission of application in this activity constitutes the acceptance of the above conditions by the applicant.

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