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Results announcement for ‘Promenade Flash Charity Run’


What a beautiful day! Over 100 runners completed their 10K or 3K run at the stunning Belcher Bay Promenade. Without the crowded carnival and cheering teams on the way, all runners could still return to the finishing point to light up the days of fighting virus by receiving the finisher medals and the fresh herbs grown in the farm.


Winners are listed below by category:


男子10公里 10K Men

冠軍 Championship:Foo Chi Hung Henry (0:41)

亞軍 1st Runner-up:Mak Po Kan (0:42)

季軍 2nd Runner-up:Ian Mavin (0:44)


女子10公里 10K Women

冠軍 Championship:Lo Yu Yan (0:51)

亞軍 1st Runner-up:To Wing Man (0:56), Elizabeth Fung (0:56)

季軍 2nd Runner-up:Martie Lame (0:57)


情侶10公里 10K Couple

冠軍 Championship:Paddy Cheong, Maggie Mok (0:54)

亞軍 1st Runner-up:Cheung shing, Leung Siu Lai (1:04)

季軍 2nd Runner-up:Dee Leung, Arial Leung (1:07)


親子10公里 10K Family

冠軍 Championship:Cyril Leclercq, Louis (0:55)


情侶3公里 3K Couple

冠軍 Championship: Kwong Hoi Man, Chan Wang Chun Vincent (0:23)


親子3公里 3K Family

冠軍 Championship:Cooper Finn, Andrew Finn (0:14)

亞軍 1st Runner-up:John Law, Aldous Law (0:28)

季軍 2nd Runner-up:Wong Kon Fai, Mack Wong (0:31)


朋友3公里 3K Buddies

冠軍 Championship:Hilaire, David Tsuei (0:18)

亞軍 1st Runner-up:Cheng yin fong, Lai pui wing, Jessica (0:27)

季軍 2nd Runner-up:Ada Chan, Susan Yeung (0:44)

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