Promenade Flash 10K Charity Run

海濱快閃  網上報名截止

Promenade Flash Run Online Application closed


About on-site registration: on-site registration would be allowed. Limited quota. First come first served.




冠名贊助 Titled Sponsor:  Be All Skincare

額外捐款 Donation: Elizabeth Fung ($1,900), Rosalind Cheung ($1,500), Allen Kong ($800), Ng Yuk Wah ($200), Dora Ho ($200), Ian Mavin ($150), Jenny Wai ($100), To Wing Man ($100), Cheung shing ($100), Kanas Ko ($100), Isabel Law ($100), Alan Wu ($50)



保持健康 加強抗疫 海濱快閃  12.27見!

Stay Healthy. Fight the Virus. See you in Promenade Flash Run on 27 Dec!


升級防疫措施 Upgrade Epidemic Prevention

*一人跑 Solo run   *分時段起步 Different starting time 

*即到即跑 Come and run  *不設起步禮 no opening 

*不設頒獎禮 no prize-giving *量體溫 Temperature check 
*賽前賽後須戴口罩 Mask required before and after run



9:15-9:30及9:45-10:00 時段尚餘小量名額,有意參加者請立即報名並完成付款。

 Covid-19 epidemic is likely to stay with us for a while. Citizens urgently need to do more exercises to stay healthy and fight the virus. The Promenade Flash Charity Run will be held on 27 December as scheduled.

We will strengthen epidemic prevention to allow runners to run safely and feel at ease. Runners will receive notification emails with starting time, bib collection and other important notes. Please read carefully.

A few time slots (9:15-9:30 and 9:45-10:00) still open for registration. Interested runners please register and settle payment immediately.

runners pack.jpg

Be All Skincare 冠名贊助「海濱快閃10公里慈善賽」將於2020年11月29日(周日)(延期至2020年12月27日)假堅尼地城卑路乍灣海濱長廊「堅農圃」舉行。這項在新冠疫情下舉行的賽事,讓跑手暫時忘掉煩擾,在美麗的海濱完成十公里比賽,同時捐款支持「堅農圃」的營運,和我們一起建設農圃。歡迎各區愛運動、愛耕種和愛綠色生活的巿民參加。

Promenade Flash 10K Charity Run, sponsored by Be All Skincare, will be held on 29 Nov 2020 (Sun) (postponed to 27 Dec 2020) in K-Farm at Belcher Bay Promenade. You can enjoy a 10km run along the stunning coast of Victoria Harbour for charitable purposes. Those who love running, farming and green living are welcome to join.

賽事特點 Features


This out-and-back flash mob race starts at K-Farm. On the racing day, racers shall show up within the selected time period, receive runner’s bags and store personal belongings. Racers can start their run on their own when they get ready. After finishing the race, racers may leave or take a rest at Belcher Bay Promenade after they have retrieved their personal belongings and K-Farm souvenirs in K-Farm. Results will be announced online after the race and winners will be invited to join price-giving ceremony later.

賽事資料 Information

日期 Date:2020年11月29日(星期日) │29 Nov 2020 (SUN) (延期至2020年12月27日 postponed to 27 Dec 2020)

時間 Time:上午8:00至下午1:00 (最後起步時間為12:00) │08:00 – 13:00 (Latest starting time: 12:00)

地點 Venue:堅尼地城卑路乍灣海濱長廊「堅農圃」K-Farm, Kennedy Town Promenade

路線 Routes:


  1. 10km: From K-Farm to Golden Bauhinia Square, and retrace along the original route.

  2. 3km: From K-Farm to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park, and retrace along the original route.











組別 Groups:

A. 10K 男子組│10km Male

B. 10K 女子組│10km Female

C. 10K 情侶組 (2人)│10km Couple (2ppl)

D. 10K 親子組 (2人)│10km Family (2ppl) 

E.  3K 情侶組 (2人)│3km Couple (2ppl)

F.  3K 親子組 (2人)│3km Family (2ppl)

G. 3K 朋友組 (2-4人)│3km Buddies (2-4ppl)

*組員須分開報名。Team members need to enrol separately.

賽例 Rules:


On the racing day, racers shall arrive K-Farm, report to the “Registration Counter” and collect racer packs within selected time-slot. Participants shall start their run on their own preference. For 10km runners, they start their run from K-Farm to Golden Bauhinia Square, pick up a K-Farm hand strap, and retrace along the original route back to K-Farm. For 3km runners, they start their run from K-Farm to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park, pick up a K-Farm hand strap and retrace along the original route back to K-Farm. Also, 3km runners are required to finish several agricultural related tasks during the race.

獎項 Awards:


There will be Champion, First runner-up, and Second runner-up in each group. Each winner will receive a trophy and K-Farm gifts.


費用 Fee:


$100 for each person. Donations are welcome to support K-Farm.


賽果公布 Results announcement:


The results of the competition and date of price-giving ceremony will be announced online on the night of the race.

報名及付款 Registration and payment

報名方法 Registration method:

(1) 網上報名Online registration

(2) 填交報名表 Fill in the registration form:請下載表格,填妥後交回。Please download the form, fill in and return.

(3) 現場報名 On-site registration:


The conference will set up on-site registration according to the on-site situation. First come first served.

付款及捐款方法 (付款) Payment and donation method (Payment):

(1) 銀行入帳或存入支票 Bank or cheque deposit

(2) 轉數快 FPS

(3) Paypal

(4) Paypal/信用卡 Paypal/credit card

籌款 Fundraising

賽事屬慈善性質,旨在為「堅農圃」籌募營運經費,歡迎額外捐款或單純捐款,或邀請親友贊助(贊助表格)。This is a charitable race and aims to raise operating funds for K-Farm. Donations and sponsorship (Sponsorship Form) are welcome to support K-Farm. 

•  捐款金額建議為100元或以上,多多益善,和我們一起建設「堅農圃」。Donation amount is recommended to be $100 or above.

•  捐款可申請扣稅收據,捐款者另可獲網上鳴謝及運動贊助商禮品 (數量有限,送完即止)。Donations can receive for donation receipts for tax-exemption. Donors will award gifts sponsored by sports sponsor (First come first served).

•  單筆捐款超過5000元,捐款人名字及心意可刻在「堅農圃」物種名牌上。Donation of more than $5,000, the name of the donor can be engraved on the K-Farm species nameplates.

完成獎品 Prizes

每位完成賽事者均可獲得以下完賽獎品 Every racer who completed the race will receive the following prizes::

• 「海濱快閃」完賽獎牌 "Promenade Flash Charity Run" Finishing Medal

• 「海濱快閃」毛巾 "Promenade Flash Charity Run"

• 「海濱快閃」紀念手帶 "Promenade Flash Charity Run" commemorative bracelet

綠色跑手包 Racer packs

• 「海濱快閃」號碼布 "Promenade Flash Charity Run" bib

• 「堅農圃」小禮品 "Promenade Flash Charity Run" gifts

• 卑路乍灣海濱尋寶遊戲券 Belcher’s Bay Beach Treasure Hunt Voucher

疫情期間特別安排 Special arrangements during COVID-19

• 入口處須量度體溫 Conduct body temperature checks at the entrance

• 除跑步及飲食外須戴口罩 Wear a mask except running and eating

• 起步點每人限距1.5米 Maintain distance of 1.5m per person at the starting line

• 起點及終點避免聚集 Avoid gathering at the start and end points

急救站安排 First aid station arrangement

賽事起點及中途均有合資格急救員提供基本急救服務。Qualified first-aiders will provide basic first-aid services at the start and during the race.

特殊情況下的延期安排 Postponement Arrangement


In case of bad weather or unpredictable issues, announcement of postponement will be made 12 hours prior to the event.

退款規則 Refund Policy


As a charity race, no refund will be given for withdrawal. The settled payments will be used on K-Farm operation and charity purposes.

個人資料處理 Arrangement of Personal Data


The personal data collected will be kept strictly confidential and used solely for the race, handling donation and issuing receipts. Any personal data collected (including name, contact no. and email) might also be used for sending information, fundraising or promotion purposes. If you DO NOT wish to receive them, please inform us by emailing to admin@rough.org.hk.