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LoveKFarm Flower Box Contest


Thank you for your support to K-Farm and your effort on beautifying the community. You are now invited to join the Flower Box Contest. Please see details below:

資格及報名:          現有花箱租戶自動參加,毋須報名

獎項:                      1. 最具美感獎        2. 最富創意獎 

                                  3. 最善用空間獎    4. 最高人氣獎(公眾投票)  

                                  * 同一花箱最多只獲頒發一個主要獎項

獎品:                      各得獎座及水耕菜盆半個(一個月)

評審方法:              評審團將在評審當日到場評選出三個主要獎項得主;


評審團:                  由農場代表及邀請資深農耕或園藝專家擔任評審

評審及公布日期:   4月2日評審;4月8日評審公布

查詢:                       2333-3334 / 6464-1134

Eligibility:                 All tenants will be enrolled automatically. Enrolment not required

Awards:                    1. The Most Aesthetic          2. The Most Creative

                                  3. The Best Use of Space     4. The Most Popular

                                  Each flower box will only be selected once in the three main awards                                 

Prizes:                      Trophies and hydroponic basin (half for 1 month)

Judging Process:     Judges will select the winners of the three awards; Photos of the flower boxes will be uploaded on the website for voting

Judging Panel:         Representatives of K-Farm and experts of farming and horticulture

Important Dates:    Judging: 2 April; Announcement: 8 April

Enquiry:                   2333-3334 / 6464-1134

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