Green Chef Recipe Design Competition

**截止日期延至2021年4月30日 Deadline Extended to 30 April 2021






  • 小吃公開組

  • 飲品公開組

  • 兒童健康小吃/飲品親子組(12歲或以下兒童及其父母)






  • 主題:可自定主題,並應能說明食譜背後的理念或故事。參賽者須為作品命名。

  • 材料:必須以番茄、南瓜、薯仔、羅勒/九層塔、羽衣甘藍中至少一種為主要材料。

  • 形式:作品須包含一份完整食譜,內含材料和製作方法,另以圖文介紹該小吃或飲品的特色、健康益處及外觀等。手繪圖及電腦設計圖均可。

  • 格式:頁面尺寸以A4為限,檔案必須為JPG或PDF格式,大小在2MB至5MB之間。



免費報名參加。參賽者可於2021年3月31日前,登入「堅農圃」 網站 (k-farm.org.hk)註冊及上載檔案。查詢:36110927。(延期至4月30日)





  • 營養價值 25%

  • 造型25%

  • 創意 20%

  • 選材及運用20%

  • 命名及理念10%








  • 色香味60%

  • 營養價值 10%

  • 造型10%

  • 創意 10%

  • 選材及運用5%

  • 菜名及理念5%






  • 每位參賽者只可遞交一份作品。

  • 作品必須為原創及未曾在其他場合使用。

  • 作品圖像及文字均不能包含淫褻、暴力、宗教、政治及不雅內容。

  • 作品不能含有任何廣告成分。

  • 「堅農圃」有權取消參加及得獎資格。

  • 「堅農圃」保留刊登參賽作品名單、照片及製成品作宣傳及售賣用途。

  • 「堅農圃」保留更改、取消活動內容及細則之權利。

  • 如情況不許可,例如有突發事故或疫情爆發,「堅農圃」有權取消決賽,直接選出得獎作品。

  • 參賽者之資料僅會用於是次有關事宜。

  • 作品一經遞交,表示參賽者已閱讀並同意比賽的所有規則及條款。

  • 如有任何爭議,「堅農圃」保留本活動的最終決定權。


K-Farm promotes green and healthy living. In K-Farm, there is a Green Chef which sells snacks and drinks made from crops. Now we are looking for healthy recipes. Participants should design a healthy snack or drink recipe with designated vegetables as the main ingredient, and attach an introduction leaflet with pictures and texts. The aim of this competition is to promote healthy eating and encourage creativity.


Snacks (Open)

Drinks (Open)

Children's healthy snacks/drinks parent-child group (Children with 12 years old or younger and their parents)


Each group has champion, second and third runner-up. There are also two awards for "Best Leaflet Design" and "Most Popular Design".


Theme: You can customize the theme, and should be able to explain the idea or story behind the recipe. Participants must name their work.

Ingredients: Must use at least one of tomato, pumpkin, potato, basil/tower, and kale as the main ingredient.

Format: The work must include a complete recipe, including the materials and production methods, and introduce the characteristics, health benefits and appearance of the snack or drink with pictures and text. Both hand drawings and computer design drawings are acceptable.

Format: The page size is limited to A4, the file must be in JPG or PDF format, and the size is between 2MB and 5MB.

Reviewing Criteria

First round of review

Professionals will score according to the following criteria, and each of the three categories will select five finalists:

Nutritional value 25%

Modeling 25%

Creativity 20%

Material selection and application 20%

Name and idea 10%

Judges will also select the winning entries of the "Best Leaflet Design".

Online voting

Three shortlisted works will be uploadedfor the public to vote for the "Most Popular Design".


Three groups of shortlisted contestants will be invited to attend the finals. The entries will be produced in K-Farm, which will be tasted by a professional and scored according to the following criteria. Each group will select the champion, second and third place:

Color and fragrance 60%

Nutritional value 10%

Modeling 10%

Creativity 10%

Material selection and application 5%

Name and ideas 5%


Winners will receive trophies and exquisite gifts. The winning entries will have the opportunity to be made into snacks and drinks for sale at the Green Chef for all the citizens of Hong Kong to enjoy.

Rules and terms

Each participant can only submit one entry.

The work must be original and not used on other occasions.

The images and text of the work must not contain obscene, violent, religious, political and indecent content.

The work cannot contain any advertising elements.

K-Farm reserves the right to cancel the qualifications for participation and awards.

K-Farm reserves the publication of the list of entries, photos and finished products for publicity and sales purposes.

K-Farm reserves the right to change or cancel the content and rules of the event.

If circumstances do not permit it, such as an emergency or an outbreak of an epidemic, K-Farm has the right to cancel the finals and directly select the winning entries.

The information of the contestants will only be used for this related matter.

Once the work is submitted, it means that the participant has read and agreed all the rules and terms of the competition.

In case of any disputes, K-Farm reserves the final decision rights.