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'K-Care Coupon' Donation Scheme



Scheme Details


A wide range of activities such as vegetables on sale, classes and workshops, and farming and health related events will be organized to promote the concept of healthy eating  and green living.


Organizations and the public are welcome to buy ‘K-Care Coupon’ to pre-order our products and services to signify the support and care of green living and healthy eating and to play a role on building the farm.


Donation Amount


‘K-Veggie Coupon’:                       HK$ 100

‘K-Farming Coupon’ :                   HK$ 200

‘K-Running’ Coupon’:                   HK$ 500

Donation Purpose

Donations will be contributing to the costs of operation, promotion and educational activities at early stage, and other non-funded items. Surplus will be saved for other ‘Farm to Care’ Projects in the future.


Donation Recognition


Donor of $100 ‘K-Veggie Coupon’ can reserve two packs of fresh vegetables for free after the official launch of the farm. Donor of $200 ‘K-Farming Coupon’ can reserve a place for farming class or workshop for free. Donor of $500 ‘K-Running Coupon’ can reserve two packs of fresh vegetables and one farming class or workshop for free, and can also secure a place for the first 10K run connecting Kennedy Town and Admiralty harbourfront in Hong Kong to be held in early 2020. Don’t miss it! 




歡迎市民及機構購買「堅 ‧ 愛券」,以預付形式購買農圃的產品或服務,支持顯示對綠色生活和健康飲食的支持,成為建設本農圃的一份子。



「堅 ‧ 菜券」 港幣100元

「堅 ‧ 種券」 港幣200元

「堅 ‧ 跑券」 港幣500元









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