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‘Love K-Farm’ Community Planting Scheme



地點:            「堅農圃」木花箱

名額:            70隊,每隊最少4人

費用:            每隊200元四個月(提供有機泥)

報名:            網上下載表格,填妥後連同繳費證明電郵遞交,或親臨「堅農圃」報名及繳費 

截止日期:    先到先得,額滿即止


To promote green living, encourage planting and respond to the request of neighborhood, K-Farm now offers 70 flower boxes for groups to plant together. Please see details in the application form.

Venue:             Wooden flower boxes in K-Farm

Quota:             70 teams of at least four.

Fee:                 $200 per team (organic soil provided)

Application:    Fill out the form downloaded online, hand in or email
to us with payment proof

Deadline:        First come, first serve

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