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MyFarm: One Person, One Herb



The second phase of K-Farm will soon be launched. We now invite you to be one of us by joining the ‘One Person, One Herb’ event. You will grow one herb and sign your name here. You will also witness the growth of the herb and share the harvest with us on a designated day.



Come to join us on one of the days below:


(1) 特別嘉賓、合作夥伴、會員、Facebook 粉絲、過去活動參加者:

VIPs, partners, members, Facebook fans, past event participants:

日期Date: 27/3-28/3

時間Time: 14:00-18:00

(須提前網上報名 online registration required)

(2) 公眾人士:


日期Date: 2/4-6/4

時間Time: 14:00-18:00

(毋須報名 Registration not required)

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