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K-Farm Payment and Donation Method

一起建設堅農圃 Build our K-Farm


  • 請填寫報名或捐款表格。Please fill out the enrolment or Donation Form.

  • 指明有退款機制的活動外,「堅農圃」所收費用及捐款將列為善款,並悉數用於「堅農圃」營運及慈善項目,恕不設退款,謝謝支持。All payments received will only be spent on K-Farm’s operation and charity purposes. No refund will be made except activities with refund policy. Thank you for your support.

  • ​捐款超過100元可向稅務局申請扣稅,請於捐款後電郵至索取收據,我們會於收到款項後一個月內處理。比賽報名費及課程費將不會獲得扣稅證明。All donations of HK$100 or above are eligible for tax deduction. Please email to for receipts. Donation receipts will be sent to participants within 1 month after the donation. Please note that no tax reduction proof will be issued for enrolment and tuition fees.


1. 銀行入帳或存入支票Bank deposit or Cheque (支票抬頭「草圖文化有限公司」Payable to Rough C Limited):

 銀行名稱 Bank Name:集友銀行(Chiyu Banking corporation limited)

 戶口號碼 Account no.:039-736-1-024239-5

 請把收據電郵至,並備註活動、參加者姓名及電話號碼。Please send the receipt to with event, name and phone no. 

2. 轉數快FPS:

 集友銀行識別碼Chiyu Bank ID:160003901 (請備註活動、姓名及電話號碼 Please remark event, name and phone no.)

3. PayPal

 請備註活動、姓名及電話號碼。 Please remark event, name and phone no.

 (1) QR Code


4. PayPal/信用卡 PayPal/Credit Card ( VISA / MASTER CARD / JCB / AE / Diners Club):

  請備註姓名及電話號碼。Please remark name and phone no.

* 經PayPal 支付平台付款,將被轉至PayPal 付款網站,完成支付後會收到由 PayPal 發出的確認電郵/訊息,我們會於核實款項後再以電郵確認參加資格。支付過程中我們不會取得任何信用卡資料。We will not receive any credit card information if payments are made with credit cards via PayPal platform.

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