堅農圃 (「K-FARM」) 私隱政策:
K-FARM Privacy Policy:

  • K-FARM 為甚麼收集資料?
    Why does K-FARM collect data?

  • K-FARM  會收集哪些資料,並如何處理相關資料?
    What data does K-FARM collect and how is the data handled?

  • K-FARM如何採用資料?
    How does K-FARM use the data?

  • 告訴 K-FARM 希望資料如何被採用
    How would you like your data to be used by K-FARM?

  • K-FARM 會向第三方披露資料嗎?
    Does K- FARM disclose the collected data to third parties?

  • K-FARM怎麼保護資料?
    How does K-FARM keep the data safe?

  • 如何索取已提交的資料?
    How to request for provided data?

  • 更改私隱政策通知
    Notification of change in privacy policy


K-FARM 為甚麼收集資料?
Why does K-FARM collect data?

  • 透過資料收集,K-FARM 可以進一步提高工作和服務效率,以更加了解使用者對 K-FARM App 內容的意向、興趣和目的,並用於日後改善服務,讓使用者瀏覽 K-FARM 內容時,更加稱心如意。
    Collecting data from users interactions in K-FARM App, which allows the App to operate and provide services efficiently.  Through this process, K-FARM understands more about user preferences, interests and browsing purposes, as well as improving future services.

What data does K-FARM collect and how is the data handled?

  • K-FARM App 所收集的資料包括: 查詢、報名活動、義工登記、送出或接收K-FARM資訊或以任何方式以 K-FARM App 聯絡時,上述個人資料將會被收集。K-FARM 亦會透過採用 Cookies 收集數據資料 (詳情請閱有關「Cookies」)。若使用者未能提供所須資料,K-FARM 將無法聯絡或處理報名、其他相關申請或要求。
    K-FARM App’s data collection includes:  enquiries, activities, applications, volunteer registrations, send/ receive K-FARM information or contacts in any other ways on the K-FARM App. The personal data provided by users has been collected through the use of cookies (please refer to “Cookies” section). If an user is unable to provide the essential information, K-FARM may not be able to contact, process the application and handle other related requests.


Financial data

  • 為處理活動報名之財務交易,K-FARM 的第三方付款平台可能向使用者查詢相關銀行、扣帳卡或信用卡詳情。
    In order to process activity applications or other financial transactions, K-FARM authorised third parties (Payment platform) may require user’s bank details and debit/ credit card details.

Personal data

  • 當使用者與 K-FARM 接觸時,你的相關個人資料可能被收集,例如:活動報名人姓名、電郵、電話及其他所須聯絡資料等。
    When users interact with K-FARM App, personal data may be collected (e.g. applicant’s name, email, phone number and other required contact details).

Other Information

  • K-FARM 亦可能收集以下資料:
    K-FARM may also collect the following information:

    • 使用者所報名之 K-FARM 活動及相關資料;
      Records of user’s activity application history and any correspondence information;

    • 參與 K-FARM 活動時的圖片、相片或影片;
      Images, photographs or videos when users take part in activities in K-FARM;

    • 使用 K-FARM App 的詳情,包括使用者 IP 位址(詳情請閱「Cookies」部分);
      Details of user visits in K-FARM App including user IP address (please refer to ”Cookies” section);

    • 使用者與 K-FARM 聯絡時的相關詳情。
      Other details relevant to user communication with K-FARM.


K-FARM 如何採用資料?
How does K-FARM use the data?

  • 使用者向 K-FARM 所提供的資料,可能將運用於不同用途,當中包括:
    The provided user details could be used and applied in various purposes including:

    • 在使用者同意被聯絡下,向使用者提供其索取的 K-FARM 資料或 K-FARM 相信使用者可能感興趣的項目和資訊;
      When users have given consent to be contacted, K-FARM could provide users with requested information or other subjects and information that may be of interest to the users;

    • 向使用者發放 K-FARM 活動及課程的最新消息;
      To provide information of K-FARM’s latest activities or programmes to users;

    • 處理使用者報名或繳費程序;
      To proceed user applications or payment processes;

    • 識別報名或繳費人的身分;
      To identify applicants or payments ;

    • 行政用途 (如: 跟進使用者報名、繳費程序、查詢及活動邀請);
      Administrative purposes (e.g. to follow up for applications, payment processes, enquiry and activity invitations) ;

    • 以最合適的溝通途徑聯絡使用者;
      To communicate with users in the most preferred way;

    • 內部紀錄用途;
      For internal records;

    • 遵從法律要求;
      Where is it required or authorised by law;

    • 進行數據、統計及市場分析。
      For data analysis, statistics and marketing analysis purposes.

  • 如使用者已同意透過所提交之途徑被聯絡,K-FARM 可能會透過電話、WhatsApp、電郵或短訊聯絡你。
    K-FARM contacts users through the provided contact details such as phone number, WhatsApp, email or SMS.

  • 如使用者向 K-FARM 提供了電郵,K-FARM 將透過電郵發放資訊(除非使用者向 K-FARM 表示不願意循上述途徑接收資訊)。
    If users have provided email, K-FARM would send the latest news to users (unless users have confirmed that they would withdraw from receiving the above information).

  • K-FARM 可能透過研究、評估及篩查等方式分析使用者的個人資料,以建立使用者興趣及偏好記錄,以就相關數據分析及通訊方法聯繫,確保恰當及適時的溝通。
    K-FARM may apply research, profiling and screening techniques in order to analyse users personal data and to create user profiles based on specific interests and preferences. This allows K-FARM to ensure the communications are relevant and timely to users.

  • 在收集使用者的個人資料前,K-FARM 會先徵求使用者同意。K-FARM 與使用者通訊中,已包含指引如何取消接收 K-FARM 資訊。

K-FARM would grant consent from users before collecting personal data. Users can contact K-FARM directly to unsubscribe the latest information.


告訴 K-FARM 希望資料如何被採用
How would you like your data to be used by K-FARM?

  • 如使用者希望更改聯絡方法,或要求 K-FARM 停止使用當中資料,請連同使用者姓名、聯絡號碼和電郵,以電郵方式通知 K-FARM。
    If users wish to update the contact method, or wish to opt out of the ways that about how the data is used, please contact us via email, along with the user’s name, phone and email.


K-FARM 會向第三方披露資料嗎?
Does K-FARM disclose the collected data to third parties?

  • K-FARM 於以下情況,有可能向代表 K-FARM 的第三方機構提供個人資料:
    K-FARM may pass user details to third parties who are instructed to act on our behalf in the following circumstances:

    • 處理付費,如: 銀行的直接授權或使用網上信用卡等;
      To proceed financial transactions, such as direct debit or online credit card transactions;

    • 提供收據的情況下,個人資料 (如: 地址) 可能提供予郵遞公司或相關機構;
      To provide payment receipts, where personal data (e.g. address) could be provided to mailing companies or related organisations;

    • 舉辦活動或禮品換領;
      To be used in user’s applied activities or prize redemption;

    • 遵從法律要求。
      Where it is required or authorised by law.

  • K-FARM 並不會分享使用者資料予第三方機構作任何市場推廣用途。
    K-FARM does not disclose user data to third-party companies for marketing purposes.



K-FARM 怎麼保護資料?
How does K-FARM keep the data safe?

  • K-FARM 致力確保使用者個人資料在技術、管理及工作環境中,受到適當措施保護。
    K-FARM ensures that there are appropriate physical, technical and managerial controls in place to protect data security.

  • K-FARM App 所接收的網上付費,均由 K-FARM 指定的網上服務供應商「PayPal」處理,與 PayPal 合作及確保所有透過 K-FARM App 作出的付費程序受到最大程度保障。如欲了解更多關於 PayPal 的網上保密方式,請瀏覽 www.paypal.com。K-FARM 透過安全通訊端層 (SSL) 技術採用 256 位元加密,SSL 會保護資料在網上的傳送。
    For online transactions, K-FARM proceeds payments by authorised service provider “PayPal”. K-FARM ensures the best data protection for online transactions on K-FARM App. For further information regarding PayPal online security, please refer to www.paypal.com. K-FARM uses secure server layer software (SSL) to protect information transferred over the internet.

  • 當 K-FARM 與其代表收集個人資料的第三方機構合作時,會於合作前,事先全面了解該機構,並與其簽訂合約,確保處理個人資料的程序受到保密處理。
    When K-FARM works with external companies who collect or process user data on our behalf, we implement comprehensive checks on these companies before authorising them and a contract is in place which sets out requirements in relation to how personal data is processed and kept secure.

  • K-FARM App 會顯示第三方的網站連結,如使用者進入相關連結的網站,請留意這些網站設有其公司/機構的私隱政策,K-FARM 並不會為其政策負責。
    K-FARM App may contain links to third party websites. When users visit any of these websites, please note that the websites would have their own privacy policies and K-FARM does not have liability for any of such policies.

  • 儘管 K-FARM 政策已訂立預防措施,網上資料傳輸並不能保證安全。K-FARM 盡力遵從K-FARM 政策以保障使用者個人資料,惟不能保證個人資料於使用者裝置傳輸時的安全,請使用者明白並承擔箇中風險。
    Despite precautions set out in this policy, no data transmission over the internet is guaranteed to be secure. Whilst K-FARM endeavour to protect users personal data, we cannot guarantee the security of provided information transfer through user devices.


How to request for provided data?

  • 使用者可與 K-FARM 辦事處聯絡,以索取本人的個人資料備份。
    聯絡 K-FARM:   (電郵) myfarm@K-FARM.org.hk   (電話) 2333 3334
    Users can obtain their own personal data copy by contacting K-FARM office at (email) myfarm@K-FARM.org.hk and (phone) 2333 3334.

Notification of change in privacy policy

  • K-FARM 有權修訂此私隱政策。請定期瀏覽本頁,以參考最新的修訂內容。
    K-FARM reserves the rights to amend this policy. Please visit this section periodically in order to keep up-to-date with any changes in this policy.


What are “Cookies”?

  • Cookies 是使用者所用的 App 傳送予使用者裝置的信息。Cookies 被儲存於使用者裝置內,以在 App 被使用時識別使用者。
    Cookies are the information transferred to user’s devices by an operating App. Cookies are stored on the user's device which allows the App to recognise the online visits.

K-FARM 會採用 Cookies 嗎?
Does K-FARM use Cookies?

  • K-FARM 採用 Cookies 來分析趨勢和數據,並協助提升服務質素。若使用者不願意Cookies 被採用,可透過不同方法於裝置上關閉或停用,這並不影響使用 K-FARM App,但部分頁面的功能可能受到限制。
    K-FARM App uses Cookies to analyse data trends and statistics for providing better services. If users do not wish the Cookies to be used, there are various options to disable them on devices without affecting navigation on K-FARM App. However, it may restrict App functions in some pages.

K-FARM 會採用什麼 Cookies?
What Cookies does K-FARM use?

  • K-FARM 可能採用主要的 Cookies 以運作 K-FARM App,包括分析性 Cookies 以識別訪客及計算使用數量;功能性 Cookies 用以識別使用者身分及記錄喜好;以及目標性Cookies 以記錄使用者在 K-FARM App 上所瀏覽的內容,並為使用者提供更合適的內容。被收集的資料為匿名並已整合為研究數據,不包含姓名或地址,亦不能用以識別 K-FARM App 訪客的個人身分。
    K-FARM uses “essential cookies” for the App operation, including “analytical cookies” to recognise and count users, “functionality cookies” to recognise user’s preferences and “targeting cookies” to record user’s visited information and to target the suitable contents for users. The collected information is shown as anonymous data for analysis, which does not include names and addresses and it could not be used for recognising the user's identity.

第三方 Cookies
Third-party Cookies

  • 使用 K-FARM App 或採取相關行動 (如分享內容) 時,其他特定網站亦可能存取 Cookies。
    While users apply related actions (e.g. sharing contents) using K-FARM App, other specific websites may be able to access Cookies.

Embedded content

  • K-FARM App 可從其他網站 (如: YouTube 或 Facebook) 嵌入圖片及短片內容。當使用者瀏覽載有嵌入內容的頁面時,使用者有可能被相關媒體網站置入 Cookies。K-FARM 無法控制此類 Cookies 的置入,詳情請參閱相關的第三方網站。
    K-FARM App embeds photo and video contents from other websites (e.g. YouTube or Facebook). When users browse the pages with embedded content, users may be presented with Cookies from these external websites. K-FARM could not control the relevant Cookies. For further details, please refer to the external websites for specific information.


  • K-FARM 採用 Cookies 以識別訪問 K-FARM App 的使用者。這些 Cookies 可能被採用於第三方網站 (如: 社交媒體 Facebook 或網上廣告平台 Google 多媒體廣告聯盟 GDN),並以K-FARM 廣告的形式展示。該類 Cookies 並不會向 K-FARM 提供可識別個人身分的資料。
    K-FARM may use Cookies to identify users who visited our contents. These Cookies may be used by third party websites (e.g. Facebook or online advertising network - Google Display Network), and to be shown in the format of K-FARM advertisements. These Cookies do not provide any personal identifiable information to K-FARM.