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Charity Lucky Rabbit Run  

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Online or On-site Registration

「行運跑」因去年初疫情惡化停辦,今年定於元宵傍晚舉辦「行運兔兔跑」,讓市民一起趁元宵開心跑步,並齊齊做善事,為農圃籌募營運經費。Lucky Run was cancelled due to COVID-19 last year. Lucky Rabbit Run will be held along Belcher Bay Promenade again on 15 Feb 2023, the Lantern Festival. Runners can have fun and support K-Farm on this special day.


比賽組別  Categories

  • 5K 兔仔 Men

  • 5K 兔女 Women

  • 10K 兔仔 Men

  • 10K 兔女 Women

賽事資料 Race Info

日期 Date:05.02.2023 (日 Sun)

時間 Time:16:00-19:00

比賽路線及內容 Route and Content:

​5公里 5K:

  • 參賽者將由堅農圃「夏長亭」出發,經貨物裝卸區及中西區海濱長廊,至中山紀念公園,沿途領取兔兔是利,並在大草地「行大運」後折返,原路返回堅農圃。(按此看路線圖)

  • 參賽者需要面向指定鏡頭,雙手竪起食指及中指放在頭上,以及在指定範圍完成五個兔仔跳,作為兔年祝福。

  • Runners will start from the 'Summer Pavilion' at K-Farm, run along the Western District Public Cargo Working Area and the Central and Western District Promenade to the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park, collect red pockets and take a lucky lap round the big lawn, then return to the K-farm. (Click here for the route)

  • Runners also need to put two fingers up on their heads in front of a designated camera and finish five Bunny Hop in marked areas to celebrate the Year of Rabbit

​​10公里 10K:


Runners will take another lap after arriving the starting point.


獎項 Awards

  • 各組設冠、亞、季軍,各可獲頒發獎座、精美禮品、溫室導賞團及水耕菜。

  • There will be Champion, First runner-up, and Second runner-up in each group. Each winner will receive a trophy, K-Farm gifts, Hydroponic tour and vegetables.

報名費 Enrolment Fee

  • 每位$98 each

  • ​所有收益將全數撥捐「堅農圃」作為營運開支。歡迎額外捐款。

  • All profit will be used mainly to support the operation of K-Farm. Donations are welcome.


賽果公布 Results announcement

  • 比賽結果將於當晚8時後在現場及Facebook公布

  • Results will be announced on site and on Facebook after 8.


報名及付款 Enrolment and Payment

  1. 登入報名網頁

  2. 填寫參賽者資料

  3. 選擇參賽組別

  4. 選擇起步時段(16:00-16:29; 16:30-16:55; 17:00-17:29; 17:30-17:55)

  5. 繳交報名費 (可使用八達通、FPS、信用卡及銀行入帳)

  6. 上載繳費證明

  7. 成功遞交表格後將收到確認電郵

  8. 現場領取號碼布


  1. Visit enrolment page

  2. Fill in personal details

  3. Choose category

  4. Choose time slots (four options)

  5. Settle payment (Octopus, FPS, credit card or bank transfer)

  6. Upload payment proof

  7. Submit form and receive confirmation email

  8. Collect bib onsite

獎品 Gifts

  • 「兔兔跑」利是 Rabbit Run red pocket (內含菜券及購物券 includes vegetable and shopping coupons)

  • 「兔兔跑」完成獎牌 Rabbit Run finisher medal

賽後活動 Post Race Activities


Market, lantern riddles, handcraft workshop, check-in props, prize game.

特殊情況下的延期安排 Postponement Arrangement


In case of bad weather or unpredictable issues, announcement of postponement will be made 12 hours prior to the event.

個人資料處理 Arrangement of Personal Data


The personal data collected will be kept strictly confidential and used solely for the race, handling donation and issuing receipts. Any personal data collected (including name, contact no. and email) might also be used for sending information, fundraising or promotion purposes. If you DO NOT wish to receive them, please inform us by emailing to

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