堅農圃 (「K-FARM」) 條款及細則:
K-FARM Terms and Conditions:

堅農圃 (“K-FARM”) App - 條款及細則

  • 請參閱英文版本之 K-FARM 條款及細則的詳細資料。


Use and Access Agreement

  • The mobile app is owned and operated by K-FARM. Please read this Agreement carefully before using the mobile app. Access to the mobile app is subject to the terms and conditions set out as below. Your use of the mobile app signifies your acceptance of this Agreement. If you do not agree to comply with this Agreement, please do not use this mobile app


Trademarks and Copyrights

  • Unless otherwise indicated, K-FARM either own the intellectual property rights in the text, images, audio/ video clips, and all other content that is made available to you on this mobile app (“Materials”), or have obtained the permission of the owner of the intellectual property to use the Materials in this mobile app.

  • K-FARM grant you a limited license to display on your device (mobile, computer etc.) print, download; and use the Materials provided that: -

  • You agree that K-FARM are not liable for any liability you incur as a result of using this limited licence; you do not modify any Materials; you include with and display on each copy the associated copyright notice and this limited license.

  • No other use is permitted without K-FARM’s express written permission. Nothing in this notice confers any right to any other content provided on the mobile app.




  • Materials provided on the mobile app are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. K-FARM specifically does not make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of any Materials. We periodically add, delete, change, improve, or update the Materials without notice. Under no circumstances shall K-FARM be liable for any loss, damage, liability or expense incurred or suffered which is claimed to have resulted from the use of the mobile app including, without limitation, any fault error, omission, interruption or delay with respect to it. Use of the mobile app is at your sole risk. Under no circumstances including, but not limited to, negligence, shall K-FARM or our staff be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, even if K-FARM has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

  • You specifically acknowledge and agree that we are not liable for any conduct of any user of this mobile app.

  • As a condition of use of the mobile app, you agree to indemnify us from and against any and all actions, claims, losses, damages, liabilities and expenses arising out of your use of this mobile app, including, without limitation, any claims alleging facts that if true would constitute a breach by you of this Agreement. If you are dissatisfied with any material in this mobile app, then please contact us in order that K-FARM can try (if possible) to address your concerns. However, the terms of this Agreement are not in any way negotiable. Your sole and ultimate remedy in the event you do not accept the terms of this Agreement or else have any concerns regarding the material on this mobile is to discontinue using the mobile app.

  • Some of the links on the mobile app may lead to resources outside of the mobile app. The linked websites are not under K-FARM’s control and K-FARM has not reviewed or investigated in any way the information at such linked websites. K-FARM makes no representation or warranty as to the contents of any linked websites or any link contained in a linked site. K-FARM provides these links only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement, representation or warranty by K-FARM.

  • The mobile app may contain advertisements by third parties. Unless otherwise specifically stated on this mobile app, K-FARM does not endorse or make any representation regarding the liability, quality or accuracy of any products or services featured in, or linked to any advertisement that appears on this mobile app.

  • You should not assume that the Materials are complete or up-to-date. K-FARM is not obliged to periodically or otherwise update the Materials, however regular reviews of the Materials for content and relevance will be conducted.

  • Communications made through emails and/or app messaging capabilities of this mobile app shall in no way be deemed to constitute legal notice to or from us or any of our employees or representatives.



  • K-FARM uses “Cookies” on the mobile app, which are provided by a third party company on K-FARM’s behalf. The Cookies tag each user’s browser with a random and unique number. The Cookies simply assigns a number and does not collect or disclose any personal information about the person using the browser. By noting where these uniquely numbered browsers on the mobile app K-FARM is able to, with the assistance of the third party company that helps us to analyse this information, to study app traffic patterns and improve this mobile app.



  • For Children at or below the age of 13, they should not use this mobile app for whatever purpose without the prior consent of their parent or guardian. Person above the age of 13 is eligible to use this mobile app unsupervised, though parental or guardians prior consent must be obtained by those at or below 18 years old upon making applications for K-FARM’s activities/ educational programmes/ membership/ other products or services.



  • K-FARM may revise this Agreement and/or introduce additional terms and conditions at any time and from time to time. K-FARM reserves our exclusive right in our sole direction to alter, limit or discontinue the mobile or any of the Materials in any respect.


No Waiver

  • No act, delay or omission by K-FARM shall affect our right, powers and remedies under this Agreement of any further or other exercise of such rights, powers or remedies. The rights and remedies under this Agreement are cumulative and not exclusive of the rights and remedies provided by law. 


  • If any provision of this Agreement is not or ceases to be legally binding and enforceable, it will not affect the legality, binding effect or enforceability of any other provision. Access to the mobile, K-FARM reserves the right to deny in our sole discretion any user access to the mobile app or any portion of it without notice. 


Personal Data

  • K-FARM encourages mobile app users to explore the mobile app without having to reveal any personal data. On occasion however, it may be necessary for K-FARM to gather some information on you for a specific purpose. In the event personal data is collected from you, it will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Personal Information Collection Statement. This Agreement shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong SAR.


Contacting K-FARM

  • If you have any questions about this Agreement and/or K-FARM’s practices in relation to this mobile app, or your dealings with the mobile app, please contact K-FARM by email (myfarm@K-FARM.org.hk).

堅農圃 (“K-FARM”) - 收集個人資料聲明

K-FARM - Personal Information Collection Statement

  • K-FARM 為下列原因收集您的個人資料,並以此聲明以 K-FARM 的私隱政策聲明中所列明的指引及原則,處理及持有該資料。該指引及原則廣泛適用於 K-FARM 持有的資料。K-FARM 致力充分遵守香港法例第486章個人資料 (私隱) 條例之條文。

  • K-FARM 提供此聲明以表明對保護你的私隱為堅定承諾,以及披露 K-FARM 收集與轉移資料的慣常做法。


  • 若您不同意 K-FARM 按下列方式收集個人資料,請不要使用本流動應用程式,並應該把它由您的流動裝置移除。




  • K-FARM 於本流動應用程式收集之個人資料種類包括:

  • 唯一設備識別符 (Unique Device ID) - 唯一設備識別符是一組由數字及字母組成的數據,它原本已設置於您的裝置硬件中,或由操作系統/軟件自動分配至您裝置中。

  • 位置資訊 - 當您使用需要位置資訊的服務 (如: 「推送」、「雙惠券」、「實時導賞」、「標籤」或「簽到」) 時,K-FARM 可能會收集及處理您的實際位置資訊。若您拒絕被取得位置資訊,則無法使用相關服務。

    注意:  透過 K-FARM 流動應用程式提供的定位服務只限於個人使用,並不應該於緊急狀況下用於或依賴作為定位用途、不應用於任何需要安全防護的有害環境中、或用於任何當定位服務失準或失誤可能直接導致人命傷亡、或嚴重人身傷害或財產損失的情況。定位服務並不適用於或非專為尋找家庭成員或其他任何商業及企業用途而設。

  • 記錄資訊 - 當您使用流動應用程式時,K-FARM 可能自動收集及儲存伺服器記錄的部分資訊,包括但不限於網際網路協定 (IP) 位址、連接埠號碼、裝置型號及生產資訊、互聯網服務供應商 (ISP)、點擊流動數據、電池及記憶體配置、開機時間、瀏覽器類型及語言選擇、已瀏覽及退出的程式頁和日期/時間標記。

  • 其他資料

    - 網上交易資訊,如您透過流動應用程式回應及兌換已提供給您的優惠券之記錄;

    - 您使用流動應用程式時所選擇之活動紀錄;

    - 您於「聯絡 K-FARM」頁面向 K-FARM 提供的資料;

    - 您使用流動應用程式時的記錄,例如您在流動應用程式瀏覽頁面、下載或升級程式的記錄。


K-FARM 可能不時使用您的資料作下例的一個或多個用途:

  • 讓 K-FARM 或其附屬公司訂制向您提供的服務,包括在流動應用程式內向您顯示特定的廣告訊息;

  • 評估流動應用程式效能、預防詐騙、產生分析數據、處理網上服務的內部運作;

  • 流動應用程式的某部份功能需要「裝置唯一識別碼」以作啟用,例如「推送」、「傳惠券」、「活動報名」及「場地導航」。K-FARM 並不會把「裝置唯一識別碼」與流動應用程式內的其他資料作連繫;

  • 記錄資料可能用於流動應用程式內所示的用途 (如:「推送」、「傳惠券」、「活動報名」及「場地導航」),或用於分辨使用者的裝置。




在符合適用法律及私隱政策條款下,K-FARM 可能會把流動應用程式使用情況的累計數據披露予數據分析供應商及/或其他由 K-FARM 操作的系統。




您有權查閱及更改 (如適用) 任何 K-FARM 所持有之您的相關個人資料。


K-FARM 有權不定時修訂此聲明而無須作出另行通知。


如您希望行使任何該等權利,敬請發送電郵至 K-FARM 辦公室 (myfarm@K-FARM.org.hk)。

  • K-FARM’s collection of your personal information in this mobile app is for the reasons set out below and K-FARM aims to process and hold such information in accordance with this Statement and on the basis of the guidelines and principles setup out in the Privacy Policy, which applies general to information held by K-FARM. K-FARM seeks to comply fully with the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) of the laws of Hong Kong.

  • If you do not wish K-FARM to collect personal data as listed below, please do not use this mobile app and you should uninstall the app from your mobile device.


Personal Data to be collected


The types of personal data K-FARM collects from you in this mobile app (“Data”) include:

  • Unique device identifiers (“Unique Device ID”) - An unique device identifier is an alpha-numeric string of data that can either be part of the hardware of your device or automatically assigned to your device by the operating system or software.

  • Location information - When you use one of K-FARM’s location-enabled services (such as notifications, eCoupons, site navigation, tagging or check-in), K-FARM may collect and process information to access your actual location. It is not compulsory, but you may not be able to use the location-enabled services if you choose not to allow location access.

    Remarks:  The location-based services offered in connection with K-FARM mobile app are for individual use only and should not be used or relied on as an emergency locator system, nor used in connection with any hazardous environments requiring fail-safe performance, or any other situation in which the failure or inaccuracy of use of the location-based services could lead directly to death, personal injury, or severe physical or property damage. The location-based services are not suited or intended for family finding purposes, or any other type of business or enterprise use.

  • Log information - When you use this mobile app, K-FARM may automatically collect and store certain information in server logs including but not limited to internet protocol (IP) addresses, port number service model and production information, internet service provider (ISP), clickstream data, battery and memory allocation, boot time, browser type and language options, viewed and exit pages and date or time stamps.

  • Other information
    -  Online transaction-related information e.g. records of activity payments/ when you respond to and redeem any offers or eCoupons provided to you via the mobile app;

    -  Records of the activities you selected when using mobile app;

    -  Information you provided to K-FARM at the “Contact Us” page;

    - Records regarding your use of the mobile app e.g. records of the pages that you have visited in the mobile app, records of your downloads and upgrading the app. 


Use of your information

K-FARM may use the Data for one or more of the following purposes:

  • To personalise the services offered by us or our affiliates, including providing personalised advertising to your within the mobile app;

  • To access the performance of our mobile app, prevent fraud, generate analytics, address internal online services operations;

  • Unique Device IDs may be used to enable certain features of the mobile app such as notifications, eCoupons and site navigation. K-FARM will not associate Unique Device IDs with other information;

  • Log information may be used as specifically indicated in the mobile app such as notifications, eCoupons and site navigation, as well as to distinguish your device from others.


Disclosure of your information

Subject to applicable laws and the terms of K-FARM’s privacy policy, K-FARM may share aggregated records of usage of the mobile app with analytics providers and/or operating systems operated by K-FARM.


Data Access and Correction


You are entitled to access any personal data K-FARM hold about you, and if applicable to correct or to update it.

K-FARM reserves the right to change the Statement without prior notice.


If you wish to exercise any such right, please email the K-FARM office (myfarm@K-FARM.org.hk).