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Vegetables 蔬菜

莧菜 (Red Spinach)

  • 特點:原產於印度和熱帶美洲,紅莧葉綠中帶有紫紅斑。

  • 種法:莧菜不耐寒,生長適溫在23℃以上。 土壤以排水性高的砂質壤土最為理想。

  • 用法:可作蔬菜食用,含有豐富的鐵、鈣及胡蘿蔔素。

  • Introduction (description): The red spinach, also known as Chinese spinach, is a planting species native to the West Indies and South America.

  • Guide to planting: The red spinach does not like cold weather, and best grows in well-drained soil and above 23 degree Celsius.

  • Uses: The red spinach contains rich proteins and calcium, and is commonly valued as a food in South and Southeast Asia as well as Africa.

Red Spinach - Audio

 通菜 (Water Spinach)

  • 特點:菜莖通心,又叫空心菜,書面語蕹菜。會開白色喇叭形的花。原產於東亞。

  • 種法:耐熱且適應力強,乾地、水田、溝邊都可以種。

  • 用法:常見食法為,椒絲腐乳蒜茸炒通菜、蒜蓉炒通菜。

  • Introduction (description): Water spinach, tung choi in commentary Cantonese, is grown as a vegetable domesticated in Southeast Asia. Its flower are white in color.

  • Guide to planting: Water spinach can survive extremely high temperate and adopt different environment such as wet or dry soil, or in ditches.

  • Uses: The most common water spinach dishes in Hong Kong are stir-fried water spinach with chili in fermented bean curd sauce or with garlic.

Water Spinach - Audio
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