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創意Creative Cosplay Show

「堅農夜市」誠邀大家參加 10月22日下午4時舉行的「創意Cosplay Show」,運用創意把自己裝扮成一個自選動漫、童話角色或動物,參加海濱首場Catwalk。Join the Creative Cosplay Show to be held on 22 Oct at 4:00. Use your creativity to dress up as an anime or fairy tale character or animal of your choice. Show your work on the very first promenade catwalk .


一齊玩Let’s have fun:

  • 專業面繪 Professional Face Painting

  • 市集遊行 Market Parade

  • 海濱Catwalk Promenade Catwalk



  • 任何人士均可以個人或隊伍名義參加,小童可由成人陪同及協助參賽 Anyone can join as individual or a team. Kids can be accompanied or assisted by an adult.

  • 運用任何材料裝扮成自選角色,包括衣著、配飾、道具等 Use any materials to dress up as the selected role, including clothes, accessories and props

  • 能凸顯該角色特點,讓人一眼便看出Be able to highlight the characteristics of the role that could be identified by others at first sight.

  • 可穿戴購置衣飾,但須額外添加創意元素 Ready-made costumes allowed but additional creative elements are required

  • 參賽作品不能含有淫褻、暴力、色情、誹謗、不良意識、侮辱成分或任何具爭議性及不適當的內容 An entry should not contain any material that is obscene, violent, pornographic, defamatory, indecent, disparaging or content that is controversial and inappropriate.


流程 Procedure:

  1. 網上報名 register online (也可在節目開始前10分鐘到場報名 or register on-site 10 minutes earlier)

  2. 4:00到舞台前集合及簡介 Check in and briefing at the stage

  3. 4:10裝扮及面繪 Dress up and face painting

  4. 5:00 市集巡遊及拉票 Market parade and solicit votes

  5. 5:10 Catwalk及30秒簡介 Catwalk and 30 seconds introduction

  6. 5:50 公布成績及頒獎 Result announcement and prize presentation

*備註:流程可能視乎參加人數及現場情況而更改 Note: procedure might be altered due to the number of participants and on-site conditions.



​評分將分兩個部分,市集投票及Catwalk投票,準則如下There will be two parts of judging, market voting and catwalk voting, according to the criteria below:

  • 創意 Creativity

  • 角色呈現 Role presentation

獎項 Prizes:

「最佳Cosplay獎」一名,「優秀Cosplay獎」兩名,所有得獎者及參加者均可獲得驚喜獎品及禮品。The Best Cosplay Award and two Excellent Cosplay Awards. Surprising prizes and gifts will be presented to all winners and participants.

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