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In the first quarter of 2018, the government invited proposal for operating a leisure farm on a vacant land locates at the harbourfront of Kennedy Town. K-Farm, the leisure farm proposal developed by an NGO, ROUGH, was eventually awarded the tenancy right starting from May 2019 for three years. The farm was fully launched for public in two phases,  October 2020 and June 2021.


K-farm aims to promote the idea of 'Farm to Care' to the public:

  • Care for our physical and mental health

  • Care for underprivileged

  • Care for the environment

Our vision is to build sustainable and caring communities by promoting physical and mental wellbeing and social inclusion through series of farming activities in different districts, and to provide an open space for leisure and relaxation. 

​Our Team

Founding Team : Rough Avoid Obvious Architects (AOA) Farmacy ​ Advisory Board : Principal Chan Shuk Man Dr. Henry Choi Vicky Chan Raymond Mak Sam Chong ​ Partners: Valley Farm Key Learning Publisher


Sponsorship: 'Funding Scheme to Support the Use of Vacant Government Sites by Non-government Organisations' of Development Bureau  Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust ​Centaline Charity Fund Limited The Pictet Group Sankon Interiors Limited Be All Skincare Hong Kong Biomass (Wood) Collect and Recycle Company ​Noesis Bamboo ​ Proposal : Raymond Mak Vicky Chan Monica Nunes Sanford Liu Calvin Nip  Dora Ho Hui Ching Carol Luk ​ Design and Architecture : Vicky Chan (Avoid Obvious Architects, AOA) Ming Wong (Mingz Creations) Bruce Law Stephen Lau Tugo Cheng Gianfranco Galagar (AOA) Krystal Lung (AOA) Wijdene Kaabi (AOA) Melissa Chan (AOA) Ethan Lin (CosmoC) ​ Farming: Fat Kee Organic Farm Raymond Mak (Farmacy) Edwin Ho, ValleyFarm Sam Chong, KeyLearning Center William Fung  Peggie Ho Sydenham Garden (London, England) Oxford City Farm (Oxford, England) DakAkker (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) BuytenDelft (Delft, The Netherlands) Lee Wai Man 仇百全(清遠) ​ Legal Advice : Ringo Kong ​ Licensing: ACE Licensing Consultants Ltd. ​​ Others: Stephen Ko  Bell Kam (Translation)

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