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Farm to Care


K-FARM is the first urban farm in Hong Kong incorporating hydroponics, aquaponics and organic farming systems. General public can learn different farming knowledge and technologies in our farming facilities through guided tours, taught programs and farming activities and can also enjoy the relaxing and beautiful environment in the farm with families and friends.

Seasonal Crops
Farm Activities
Public Event

To promote farming, green living and inclusion, K-Farm will offer various special programs from time to time. Please check out the latest information on Facebook page or Event Calendar on our website.

harvest sharing.jpg

Green Sharing


  • Seasonal crop harvesting experience

  • Take home for free

  • Donations are welcome.


Special Farming Activities


  • Join our special farming project such sunflower or corn planting

  • Normally arranged during weekend according to the farming progress

  • High physical output.


Special Event


  • Special holiday programs such as competitions, games, etc.

  • Free or charged

mid-autumn market.jpg

Themed Market


  • Food, handcraft pet supplies, green supplies stalls

  • Music performances, workshops, etc.

  • Free admission

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