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Farm Activities

Visitors, schools, charities or commercial organizations can participate in our activities in different ways. All income will be used for farm operations. Please check out latest info from Facebook page or 'Event Calendar'

Guest Visit

Self-Guided Tour

Farm Guided Tour

Hydroponics Guided Tour

Public Event


Green Sharing

Special Farming Activities

Special Event

Themed Market

​Planting Program

60-Minute Farm & Take

Introduction to Urban Farming

Organic Farming Workshop

Hydroponic Farming Workshop

Farming/Tour Assistant Training

Volunteer Service​


Be a K-Farmer

​Volunteer Training

Food and Beverage

Green Chef

Party and Gathering

Venue Rental


Wooden Planter

Hydroponic Garden


Pavilion (Outdoor Classroom)

Block Booking

Shopping and Ordering

Weekend Mini-Bazaar

​Purchasing vegetables

​CSR & Employee Welfare


Hydroponic Garden Sponsorship

Vertical Garden Sponsorship

Charities vegetables ordering

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