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Farm, Fun, Wellbeing

K-FARM is the first urban farm in Hong Kong incorporating hydroponics, aquaponics and organic farming systems. General public can learn different farming knowledge and technologies in our farming facilities through guided tours, taught programs and farming activities and can also enjoy the open, relaxing and beautiful environment in the farm with families and friends.

「堅 ‧ 農圃」是全港第一個結合水耕、魚菜共生及有機耕種的都市農場。市民和學生可以在農圃的各項設施內,通過導賞團、課程及農耕體驗活動等,認識各種耕種系統的知識和科技,也可以在開放、休閒和美麗的環境中和親友享受愉快的時光。

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